Saturday, January 31, 2009

Winter Storm in Kentucky

I am back! What a week it has been! We got hit hard by the ice storm. Our power was restored last night. Woo hoo!! There are still several without power and/ or water. We were fortunate to have a generator that helped us stay warm by plugging it into the blower on our wood stove (which stopped working after a couple of days) But, we still had a source of heat. We also were able to have TV to be able to keep up with the local news and updates. I am sharing a few pictures of my yard and some of the damage. There is debris everywhere! But that's OK, I know it could be worse. We are expecting bad weather at the beginning of this coming week. Hopefully it won't be as bad....
The picture below is part of my back yard during the ice storm.

Below is a picture taken today of the same area in my yard as above. The temperature finally got above freezing today!

This picture is another tree in my yard during the storm. The picture below it is the same tree after the storm.

One thing I like about this picture if this holly bush is some of the ice cycles are sideways! Below the holly bush is one of the pine trees in my yard. Half of it is gone!

These pictures is just a sample of my yard! We have a lot of clean up to do. But that's OK. Cleaning up our property is nothing compared to what others have to deal with. There are people that lost their life during this storm. Prayers to their families.

On the lighter side, I did complete my January scrapbook goal. I completed 39 scrapbook pages. 326 to go! I sat in the kitchen scrapbooking by the window during the day so I could see ;)

I will be getting back to business! Watch my blog for new sales and premade scrapbook pages!


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Donna said...

Those pictures are beautiful. Hope you are safe and didn't have to much damage.

my5bratz said...

i LOVE looking at your snow/ice pics...we are in the worst recorded heatwave in history over here in Australia, with fires burning across several states...

fantastic photos, great LOs :0)

Jen Z. said...

Wow! So sorry about the damage to your trees. It looks like you'll be busy when it all thaws out...we're dealing here in PA with some really strong winds the past couple can be so scary sometimes! Glad everyone is okay!