Saturday, January 31, 2009

Winter Storm in Kentucky

I am back! What a week it has been! We got hit hard by the ice storm. Our power was restored last night. Woo hoo!! There are still several without power and/ or water. We were fortunate to have a generator that helped us stay warm by plugging it into the blower on our wood stove (which stopped working after a couple of days) But, we still had a source of heat. We also were able to have TV to be able to keep up with the local news and updates. I am sharing a few pictures of my yard and some of the damage. There is debris everywhere! But that's OK, I know it could be worse. We are expecting bad weather at the beginning of this coming week. Hopefully it won't be as bad....
The picture below is part of my back yard during the ice storm.

Below is a picture taken today of the same area in my yard as above. The temperature finally got above freezing today!

This picture is another tree in my yard during the storm. The picture below it is the same tree after the storm.

One thing I like about this picture if this holly bush is some of the ice cycles are sideways! Below the holly bush is one of the pine trees in my yard. Half of it is gone!

These pictures is just a sample of my yard! We have a lot of clean up to do. But that's OK. Cleaning up our property is nothing compared to what others have to deal with. There are people that lost their life during this storm. Prayers to their families.

On the lighter side, I did complete my January scrapbook goal. I completed 39 scrapbook pages. 326 to go! I sat in the kitchen scrapbooking by the window during the day so I could see ;)

I will be getting back to business! Watch my blog for new sales and premade scrapbook pages!


Kentucky Paper Kreations

Monday, January 19, 2009

All that Glitters Sale!!

Stickles and Glimmer Mist are on sale now at 25% off in the store! If you have ever thought about purchasing stickles or glimmer mist, now is a good time.

These are a few examples of some sample cards I made using stickles and glimmer mist.

The first 2 cards has glimmer mist on the flowers. It adds a beautiful shine. Also, the stamp images are from one of my favorite stamp companies, My Favorite Things. I love their stamps!

The next 2 cards have been enhanced with stickles to add a touch of bling.

Also, take advantage of the clearance items! There are approximately 300 items priced at 30 - 70% off! Supplies are limited, so get them while you can because once they are gone, they will not be re-stocked!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More Premade Scrapbook Pages!!

I have added 2 more premade scrapbook pages to the store. I must say, I love both of them! The colors are beautiful in of both of these layouts.

The first one is called Cherish and can be found here in the store.

The second one is called You Make Me Smile and can be found here.
I am also sharing a 2 page layout of my own for my Project 365. It is a huge project to complete. But, remember you don't have to complete 365 pages this year if you choose not to. Completing 10, 20 or even 30 pages can be your goal. It is my goal to help and encourage you to preserve your memories. Regardless of the quantity of pages you complete.

Keep in mind the pages don't necessarily need photos. But if you have them, that is great. Also, the things you scrap about don't have to be about all the fun times.

For example:
My son had surgery last week, I have a photo of him in pre-op. Blue cap and all!
I also plan to scrap about some of the funny things he said before surgery.

Get where I am going? This was not one of the most pleasant events but it was a huge event for us that is on going.

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Premade Scrapbook Pages in Stock!

Good evening! I have been busy tonight! I have added 2 more premade scrapbook pages to the store.

The first one is called Express Yourself and can be found here in the store. The paper is so colorful and bright. This 2 page scrapbook layout page can be used for many different occasions.

The next one is called Beautiful day which can be found here in the store. All you have to do is add photos!

For those of you working on Project 365, these premade scrapbook pages will help you get more pages complete for all of your daily events. There are several to choose from in the store.

Speaking of Project 365, I have completed 4 more pages for my own goal to make 365 scrapbook pages this year. I am sharing with you one of the scrapbook layouts I finished for my own photos. So far I have completed 6 pages!



Kentucky Paper Kreations

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Project 365 Journal

I am sharing with you my altered binder I am going to use as my Project 365 journal. With this journal I plan to make notes from each day to help me keep track of my project.

For those of you that are starting your own Project 365 here are a few ideas of things to scrapbook book about:

* Movie Night
* Cooking with the kids
* Best Friend
* New Years Resolutions
* Favorite place to visit
* Pets
* Quiet Time

Also, if you google Project 365, you will find tons of ideas. Remember, these pages don't necessarily have to include a picture. It could be something like a conversation you had that day and you would like to remember certain things about it. Journal that moment, what was special about it. Get where I am going?

Keep an eye on my blog for updates, as I will share with you my progress and along with new ideas.



Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I hope it brings you health and happiness.

Plus, I want to thank my customers for trusting in me to provide you with premade scrapbook pages and supplies to help you preserve your memories!

Also, I am sharing with you one of my goals for 2009. I am not a new years resolution type person, I set goals. One of my goals is to scrapbook for my self more. I have publicly committed to making 365 scrapbook pages for myself on Splitcoast Stampers and at Scrapbiz. Hopefully with me "saying it out load" will be me complete this goal. I am such a huge believer in scrapbooking and why we do it. I have gotten behind on my own personal scrapbooks because I have been so focused on my business. So here I go.....

I am also starting Project 365. It is the new Becky Higgins project. I am not purchasing her kit, I am going to complete this project my own way ;) But, it is a great project. I know this year will be huge for my family. My oldest and only daughter will start college this year and my youngest and only son will become a Senior in high school. So I really want to make sure I don't miss a thing!

Now, to share with you how well I have done so far.

I completed 2 scrapbook pages today! This one is called Skeet Shootin at Skeeter's farm. I used my stash to complete these layouts. I also cut the title using my die cut machine then inked it.

As for the Project 365, I have taken a few pictures and we went to watch a movie tonight so I have the ticket stubs from that.

I want to offer some tips/ideas to help you with what ever type of scrapbooking goal you may have for this year. If you don't have a goal, now is a good time to start.

1. Always, always have a camera with you! I just got a new Nikon Coolpix to carry in my purse. I have a Nikon D40 SLR and it is way to big to have with me all the time. So my Coolpix is perfect.

2. Keep in mind, events that you can scrapbook do necessarily have to have include pictures. For example, ticket stubs from movies, receipts from dinner, journal about how something that happened that day, get where I am going?

3. Weather your scrapbook style is simple or "fancy". It does not matter. Create your own style.

I will continue post tips and suggestions, so watch for updates!



Kentucky Paper Kreations