Friday, February 24, 2012

Sharing some of my kreations....

I have so busy making vinyl items. So, I thought I share a few of the things I have been making.

This is a 2' x 5' wall decal I made for one of my daughter's football coaches. Yes, I said my daughter, she is a football manager for Campbellsville University. I am not sure what they would do without her, she LOVES "her boys" :)

I have also been altering insulated cups. I made one for a friend of mine before Christmas then posted a picture of it on my facebook. From that 1 picture I made about 50 for friends to give as Christmas gifts!! Needless to say, it kept me very busy for about 7 weeks. The good thing, the request for these cups are still coming in :) Below is a sample of what I have made.

Have a wonderful weekend!