Saturday, January 3, 2009

Project 365 Journal

I am sharing with you my altered binder I am going to use as my Project 365 journal. With this journal I plan to make notes from each day to help me keep track of my project.

For those of you that are starting your own Project 365 here are a few ideas of things to scrapbook book about:

* Movie Night
* Cooking with the kids
* Best Friend
* New Years Resolutions
* Favorite place to visit
* Pets
* Quiet Time

Also, if you google Project 365, you will find tons of ideas. Remember, these pages don't necessarily have to include a picture. It could be something like a conversation you had that day and you would like to remember certain things about it. Journal that moment, what was special about it. Get where I am going?

Keep an eye on my blog for updates, as I will share with you my progress and along with new ideas.




Melanie said...

Definatly need to add "best friend" to my list of pictures to take.

Pat (mspfd) said...

Super idea!

HeathersHobby said...

How cute! I love that altered binder.