Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hannah Monatana Stamps on Sale!!!!

All of the Hannah Montana stamps are on sale now at 40% off!!! Supplies are limited so get them while you can at this price! Plus, Autumn Leaves and Doodlebug stamps are on sale! These stamp sets can be found here in the store. Some of the Autumn Leaves and Doodlebug stamps will be perfect for your Christmas cards.


Kentucky Paper Kreations


Lorraine said...

thanks for the info. I'll have to pass it along to my sil. her daughter is a huge fan on Hannah Montanna

Cheryl Walker said...

Thank you for letting all of us know about this, I will have to check this out a little later, when I get back!! :)


Carmen said...

Thx I want the HM stamps only because my dd is a Hannah. She has a pal who last name is Montana and I always tease her and say what if you marry Marco when your'e older?!?!? She hates. I love it. LOL

Amanda Sewell said...

LMBO! My daughter *might* be obsessed! Off to check these out :)