Saturday, December 8, 2007

Campaign for Real Scrapping

I am joining Kim Guymon , owner of Scrapbiz, in the Campaign for Real Scrapbooking. I think too often people forget about the purpose of scrapbooking. To preserve memories and tell the story that goes along with the photos. I have always considered myself a “simple” scrapbooker and have always tried to create my pages in the way that the photos are seen first, not all the embellishments surrounding the photos. Of coarse I love embellishments! I own my share of them and I do use them on my pages! But, don’t let them be the focal point of the page. It is rare for me to create a page with one photo on it. But I have done it and will probably continue to so for special photos. I am like many others, if I just added one photo per page, I would not be able to find the space in my home to store them! But, my goal is to get my photos in albums. I admit, I do need to improve the story part of it.

I want to share Kim’s steps to Real Scrapbooking. I think this list is a great way to get back to Real Scrapbooking.

Focus on the photos
Add the stories and not just the names - limit the use of third-party quotes.
Crop conservatively - Grandma's house in the background may be precious someday
Use themed products - match photos to products
Keep the page simple - don't overwhelm the photos with embellishments
Use imperfect photos if that's all you have. Not every photo will be stunning.
Reject time-consuming embellishment techniques
Worry LESS about acid and MORE about history.
Spend less time doctoring photos and more time scrapping
Find your passion again!
I want to ask you to join the Campaign for Real Scrapbooking.


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Niki said...

This is definitely how I try to scrapbook. I want my scrapbooks to be about the memories for my kids, not just my artwork. :)